Scalebust : For Your Washing Machine and Dish Washers
How it Works :
Scalebust is a unique, Patented, Electronic Descaler which uses modern integrated circuitry and signal processing techniques, By sending out modulated frequencies, it precipitates, dissolved calcium ions into insolube calcium salts, which move in a suspended from in water-hence, providing the effects of soft water. This action stops any further scale build-up and causes scale already in your water system to dissolve. Designed as a small unit Scalebust is comparatively inexpensive and easily installed.
What do you get from Scalebust :
  Clean unit tank
  Reduced detergent consumption
  Requires no plumbing
  Removes old Scale build up
  21st Century Product
  Can work on all type of machines-front load, top load fully automatic and semi automatic also
  Clean unit tank
  Suitable for homes, offices, restaurants
  Clean unit tank
  Suitable for homes, offices, restaurants