Magnetic Water Conditioner Cum Descaler : For Your Washing Machine and Dish Washers
Features :
No Chemicals Required
No Power Required
Zero maintenance
Easy to Fit / Install
Improves Soap Efficiency
Improves Water Heater and Boiler Efficiency
Technology Based on Rare Earth Magnets
Eco-Friendly, No hazardous waste discharge
How Excell Aqua Water Conditioner - Cum Descaler Works ?
The dissolved mineral molecules,calcium and magnesium ions are alligned in a uniform direction when the water flows through the descaler.water itself becomes more solvent as the magnetic field causes a reduced surface tension which not only inhibits mineral forming into hard crystals of scale but also redissolve existing scale back into solution.
Usage :

1. Pre treatment of reverse osmosis systems

2.Steamers and boilers

3.swimming pools ans spas.

4.water parks

5.agriculture and horticulture use

6.domestic use

7.health benefits

8.dyeing and finishing(textiles)

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