about us



Water World Supermart was established in the year 2000 as a super market for supplying the water treatment companies with there basic requirements of components for RO Plants and other water treatment plants. The concept of a super market was mooted out during various occasions of interaction by the promoter with the various organizational heads who were facing the basic difficulty of getting all the components under one roof. Within these years company has attained a name in the market for Residential RO systems, Residential water treatment plants, Filtration equipments and Industrial RO plants.


From the very start the main aim of Water World Supermart was to bring in the latest research, and also the state of art production to give the customers the  best  services available within the Industry.

The company has presently two divisions namely Product Sales & Services.


Product Sales


Residential RO Systems Design of RO Plants
Components for RO Systems Maintenance of RO Plant
Membranes Assessment of RO Plant
RO Pumps Complete consultancy regarding water management systems.
Electronic Dosing Systems  
Chlorine Liquid (Water based)  
Softening Plants  
Ultra Violet Disinfecting Equipment's  
Water Test Kits  
Pressure Filters (Ceramic Candle Type, Gravel Packed etc.)  
Remote Signal Level Indicators/Analog level Indicators/LED Display Indicators for water Storage Tanks  


At Water World Supermart we started with a sole aim to bring high quality and state of Art RO components and filteration equipment with advanced technology of the next millinneum.

It was the vision of our engineers in the group who foresaw,  the difficulty being faced by various companies in water treatment trade for import of small quantity of components, and were badly in need of a consolidator, and that is where came the birth of “WATER WORLD SUPERMART”.

Since its establishment, name of Water World has come on the lips of every OEM of water trade.

Our customer base includes the ultimate user to the basic designers and executors of water treatment plants. Our reputation in the industry is the clear picture of the high quality products and services we provide.

Water World Supermart provides both standard and customized designs in system sizes ranging from 50 gallons per day to millions of gallons per day and include all pre-treatment and post-treatment.

Our various technical programs of exchange and transfer of ideas among the professionals, keep the top professionals and new comers informed on the new technologies thus giving everyone in the industry up to date information on new developments.

Our systems and components have attained the reputation for excellence in quality, reliability and follow up services. The reputation is a key of imputes for the growth of the company.



Water World Supermart provides products & services for the following segments:
1.   House Hold
2.   Light Industry
3.   Medium Industry
4.   Large Industry
5.   Municipal water Supplies
6.   Hotels
7.   Railways
8.   Military Engineering Service

The product & services are not only catered in Delhi but are established and renowned in all the cities and every nook and corner of the country.

The exports of our products have already started to our neighboring countries like Bangladesh and Nepal, in due course exports to UK, USA and Africa are on the anvil.

The products have a well-established name among the OEM’s for supply of components for water treatment plants in whole of India.



Water World Supermart is known as the youngest devil in the water treatment world and this is rightly said, as within these years we have shown so much improvement no one could expect. The total face change of the industry has been done, and this would not have been possible without the help of all of our OEM’s and clients.

The highlights during our one year of operation are:-

Start April 1, 2000

Started the sales of components for making RO plants, with complete back up for OEM’s for design of RO plants and execution of the orders collected by them.



  • Flow restrictor for residential RO plants
  • Electrolyser (Precipitator)
  • Inlet value assembly for residential RO plants
  • Membrane pressure vessels in PVC sizes 2514, 2521 and 2540
  • Blending line ultra violet systems
  • Residential RO system economy model
  • Residential RO system in FRP body/counter top style
  • SMPS based transformer for residential RO plant
  • Transformer for dual operation of residential RO plants
  • RO PUMP – 100 GPD residential plant
  • Housing 10" long- ¼" In/Out for residential RO plant
  • Post carbon filter 10" long
  • FRP pressure vessels 4" diameter x 1 element and 4" diameter x 2 element
  • FRP vessels for filters and softeners initial launch 1365, 1465, 1048 sizes
  • Water cooler (Hot & Cold) with RO fitted in it

The challenges and R & D is a never ending process at our place, we love to do our own R & D and put up products best suited to Indian conditions rather then just importing and wasting the precious foreign currency.